There is €10.000 limit for EU investors, and certain Asian countries, however, we are limited to 35 no. US investors meaning we will only accept €30.000 or upwards from US investors.

Profits are distributed based on the percentages outlined in the white paper: Token holders (excluding private placement token holders) have 71% of the token, and receive 71% of the net profit created by Mariana Mining. Of the 71%, funds are divided in three groups (costs are excluded): Dividend distribution, Expansion and Replacement. Dividend distribution occurs once a month where investors receive crypto currency into their wallets; Expansion is for buying further miners which will add to the volume of currency we can mine, and investors will receive even more currency; lastly, replacement funds go towards replacing potentially broken-down miners.

We will use software to determine the most profitable currency on the algorithm at any time, although we will be mining certain currencies at all times which we believe will have considerable capital gains in the future, regardless of being the most profitable currency at the time.

Crypto mining is the process of using computing power to verify transactions on a blockchain algorithm. Consider it as printing money, but digitally. We offer our computing power and energy consumption to verify transactions, and are awarded currency for doing so.

Crypto Mining has a different and often more lucrative pay-off model compared to traditional investments into crypto.

Mining is the equivalent of virtual money printing; we use computing power to validate transactions on a specific algorithm and in return we receive cryptocurrency, i.e., the currency of said algorithm.

Mining provides a stable stream of crypto coming in to a portfolio. There is no day-trading necessary to make gains on market movements.

Investing in mining through us provides you with new Crypto Currency every month as a reward.

If there is a drop in market price of the currencies, mining becomes easier, and vice versa.

You buy our Token which is linked to a certain percentage of our profit, think of it as a share that pays dividends.

We operate in either an Industrial Tax-Free Zone and/or under a concession agreement within a Latin American country i.e., Ecuador / Paraguay etc., with the most competitive cost prices on the market - electricity, water and facility rent.

We mine using a variety of miners and several specific algorithms, using software to determine and switch to the most lucrative currency at any moment.

We take care of the day to day running of the company and miner maintenance.

We pay the tokenholders in Crypto Currency at the end of each month directly to your wallet.

The tokenholders can then choose what to do with the Crypto Currency; swap for other currencies, hold, stake or liquidate. This is entirely up to you.

We provide you with monthly statements in regards to costs such as repairs, replacements and maintenance.

We set aside a certain amount of funds to replace/maintain miners, and an amount of funds going to the expansion of the mining facility.

Immersion cooling doesn’t have the need for fans, reducing 20% of the energy consumption straight off the bat.

It cools the miner via smart cooling, i.e. it covers the whole miner (liquid), versus a fan blowing only at the CPU, this keeps every component cooled.

Due to the smart cooling, it offers an opportunity to utilize overclocking, which is when you manually tell the miner to work even harder. This is possible because the miner is kept cooler than it would via airflow regulation.

It doesn’t collect dust in the liquid, nor does it require miners to be completely disassembled for maintenance; we have to replace the liquid once a year, and give a ultrasonic bath to the miners once or twice a year, reducing downtime of miner maintenance by a lot.

It reduces the required miner space by up to 90%, meaning that we can rent a much smaller facility than what would be required in an airflow system where big spaces are required.

It reduces the cost on infrastructure as we do not have to set up big HVAC systems, extractors, heat spillage units etc.

Perhaps most importantly due to all the above factors, the lifespan of our units is increased by up to (potentially) 200%. Meaning it will take twice as long for us to have to replace miners, whereas airflow miners would start to malfunction due to dust, overheating etc.

A wallet can be set up in a manner of different ways, and on many different platforms; please contact our team if you need specific guidance to set one up. Aside from this, we offer our own Investors Dashboard where you will go through KYC and buy your Token.

We would recommend a hardware wallet such as Trezor / Ledger for security purposes. For the purposes of receiving MMINE Tokens, an ERC-20 compatible Wallet such as MetaMask will be required.

Crypto Assets can be defined in many ways; our Token definition is a Security that pays out dividends. It is exactly like buying a Stock that pays you dividends. You buy our Token, and we pay you in crypto currencies that we mine over the next 10 years; you have the option to choose what you do with the currency - you can stake it, hold it, liquidate it or swap it to a different currency.

Mariana Mining shall be discussing security options with a 3rd party consultant. The smart contracting shall be done via Stobox. We are aware of the importance of cyber security and shall be doing everything possible to mitigate threats.